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May 2016
Advance planning seminars help families
WATERTOWN—On May 24, 2016, at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., Pederson-Nowatka Funeral Home will be hosting Advance Planning Seminars dealing with a variety of key topics for seniors.

“It’s important for families to be prepared in case of emergency,” said John Smith, funeral director at Pederson-Nowatka Funeral Home. “We see it every day, how families have to cope when they are unprepared. There’s a lot of stress and anxiety compounded by grief and doubt. There’s so much that can be done ahead of time to spare loved ones from needless pain and worry.”

The seminars will feature a local attorney, Jay S. Smith, of Neuberger, Griggs, Sweet and Smith, LLP, who will discuss wills, estate plans, powers of attorney, and living wills, how they work and who benefits most from these legal tools.

Another featured speaker will be Stacy Schroeder from Watertown Crime Prevention who will explain how we can protect ourselves against a rising threat in our society…identity theft. What precautions can you take so this doesn’t happen to you?

Jeffery Stewart and Joanne Abbs, Prearrangement Specialists, will explore the question of how advance funeral planning can help protect your loved ones and how you can give them comfort and peace of mind on one of the hardest days of their lives.

Join the staff at Pederson-Nowatka Funeral Home for a free informative session. Call 920-261-2113 to reserve your seat and to receive a free packet of take-home materials and information.