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20+ Reasons Your Business Needs a Lawyer

business owners shaking over contract that a lawyer draftedA successful business is started and run with more than just in-depth knowledge of the selected industry. Legal knowledge is an integral part of start-up and day-to-day operations, saving the business from the expenses of a legal mistake or a legal action.

An experienced local business lawyer can be invaluable in many different situations, from navigating local Wisconsin zoning laws to resolving contract disputes. The list of situations that lawyers can assist with are long. This list of legal issues are just a few reasons to contact a lawyer to resolve conflicts and avoid the proverbial legal hot water.

  1. Starting a business (entity selection such as a LLC, LLP, C Corp, etc.)
  2. Purchasing a business
  3. Strategic legal and tax planning
  4. Operating agreements
  5. Drafting and editing by-laws
  6. Change of entity
  7. Buy-sell agreements
  8. Buy-back agreements
  9. Redemption agreements
  10. Drafting legal contracts
  11. Contract disputes
  12. Business torts
  13. Sale and acquisition of business assets and/or a business entity
  14. Business merger
  15. Dissolution of business entity
  16. Distribution of business assets to creditors and stakeholders
  17. Business succession plan
  18. Farm succession plan
  19. Property rental agreements
  20. Land rental contracts
  21. Collecting unpaid bills and debts
  22. Terminating a business

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