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5 Tips for Filing Insurance Accident Claims in Wisconsin

Nothing puts a stop to your day like a car accident. You may be injured and your vehicle damaged and without your vehicle, you can’t go to the doctor, work, run errands, or travel. Depending on the damage, you may be without a working car for weeks or months. Worse yet, if your seriously injured you may not be able to work.

Then there’s the matter of paying for damages. Filing an insurance accident claim is one way to cover any damages to your car or another car in an accident. It can also save you from a lawsuit should the other party decide to sue. 

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Here are six tips for filing a claim and hiring a “lawyer near me” or “attorney near me”. 

1. Make Claim Against Other Party

When you get into a car accident, the last thing you want to do is claim responsibility and get your insurance to cover all the damages. One of the main reasons to get car insurance is to protect yourself when you get into an accident. Contact a personal injury lawyer right away.

Assuming another driver crashes into your vehicle and is at fault. The best thing to do is contact an experienced lawyer right away and have them make a claim against the at fault driver’s liability insurance. This is called a third-party claim. 

The other person’s insurance will process the claim, but may not admit fault or pay all of the damages you are entitled to. Hire your own lawyer and In doing so, they will investigate the accident to determine fault and support your claim. Evidence at the scene of the accident can disappear quickly. 

2. Gather Evidence

If you decide to make an accident claim, you’ll need to gather evidence supporting it. An accident lawyer will go to the scene and preserve the evidence needed to support your claim.

While at the scene, you should  call in emergency services to create a police report of the crash. They should be able to corroborate your argument if the case goes to court. If you have any dashcam footage, make a copy and put it aside for later. Take pictures as well. 

Speak to any witnesses if you can and get their contact information. Seek medical attention if needed, as a medical report can also help you in a lawsuit. 

Search for a “personal injury attorney near me” to find a lawyer who can help you gather and keep track of all the related evidence. 

3. Avoid Common Issues

Some of the most common issues you’ll encounter during the process include a delayed investigation without reason, receiving a low offer, and unreasonable demands.

Most people run into trouble with their insurance when they first attempt to file a claim. Anyone expecting a quick and easy process will be disappointed. 

An accident Lawyer can help you make and present your claim so the insurance company will not ignore you. When you submit a claim, the investigation can end up delayed without any stated reason. An insurance provider may demand unnecessary documentation or records that you have already provided. In that case, you’ll need to reach out to your lawyer as soon as possible.

Don’t readily accept the first offer given, even if you’re pressured to do so. Make sure you’re getting what is owed and that it covers all of your expenses.

Search for “attorneys near me” and get a consultation if any part of the process confuses you.

4. Time It Right

If you’ve been in an accident, you may be tempted to file your claim as soon as possible. After all, your vehicle’s repair job may be more than you can afford, and you need it to get around. 

While filing a claim can get your payment quicker, it also means you might miss some things. For example, some injuries become more problematic as time goes by. Liability insurance covers pain and suffering in addition to lost wages and property damage. 

However, you don’t want to wait too long before you file. The statute of limitations for car accident lawsuits is 3 years in Wisconsin. 

You can settle your property damage claim for damages and repairs to your vehicle without having to settle your injury claim. Seek the help of an experienced accident lawyer for help. 

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5. Lawyer Up 

Whenever there’s a lawsuit as the result of a vehicle collision between two or more parties, you should always find a lawyer to represent yourself. The overall process will require writing and filing pleadings, petitioning the court, handling counterclaims, and more. 

Before hiring an attorney, make sure to ask some questions about how they’re going to help you. 

Is the consulting individual going to handle your case? What are their various fees and costs? How easily can you reach them if you have a question or an update about your situation?

It’s also important to find someone who has experience with insurance accident claims. You may also need a firm that has previously dealt with lawsuits regarding companies or businesses, depending on the other driver. 

Find a ‘Lawyer Near Me’

Insurance accident claims can be a nightmare to navigate. How do you assign blame, and how long should the process take? Luckily, there are numerous resources available online to make it all much easier. 

Looking for a “lawyer near me“? We offer Watertown attorneys as well as Lake Mills attorneys to help solve your personal injury needs. We also have experience representing clients in a full range of traffic law matters.

Reach out to find Lake Mills lawyers or Watertown lawyers in your area today. 

At Neuberger, Griggs, Sweet & Froehle, LLP  WE’RE HERE WE CAN HELP

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