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How to Find the Best Accident Attorney in Watertown, WI

Were you recently in a serious accident? Unintentional injuries account for 24.8 million physician office visits every year. Another 97.9 million accidents cause people to visit emergency departments. 

An accident could leave you out of work for some time. Your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses could start to stack up as a result.

Before that can happen, consider hiring an accident attorney in Watertown, WI. The best accident attorney can help you fight for compensation. With their help, you can cover your losses instead of having to pay out of pocket.

Typing “best lawyer near me” into a search engine can leave you with a dozen options, though. Instead, use these tips to narrow down your choices. With these tips, you can feel confident you’re hiring an experienced attorney.

Read on to discover how to find attorneys near me today!

1. Consider Your Case 

Before rushing to hire an accident attorney in Watertown, WI, take a moment to consider the specifics of your case. Accident attorneys handle a mix of personal injury lawsuits, such as:

  • Premise liability
  • Product liability
  • Auto accidents
  • Defamation
  • Slip and falls
  • Medical malpractice
  • Animal bites
  • Wrongful deaths

You can break down some of these categories into smaller sub-categories as well. For example, auto accidents can include motorcycle, car, bike, truck, and even rideshare crashes. Medical malpractice can include misdiagnosis, surgical error, or medication error. 

Before searching for “attorneys near me,” consider the specifics of the case. Determine what type of lawyer you need. Then, make sure they specialize in your type of case.

During your search, consider talking with friends and family members in the area. Have they encountered a situation similar to yours? If they have, ask who they hired as their attorney.

You can use personal referrals to begin building a list of lawyers to vet further.

2. Look for Specialized Experience

Once you have a list of “lawyers near me” to choose from, learn as much as you can about their professional history.

First, make sure you find a lawyer with years of relevant experience. Determine how long they’ve practiced law. Make sure they have years of hands-on experience practicing locally, too.

Some laws and legal procedures can differ based on where the case is handled. Finding a lawyer with local experience in Watertown will give you peace of mind. They’ll have a better understanding of the variables that will impact your case. 

Once you find someone with local experience, make sure their experience is relevant to your case. Ask how many cases like yours they’ve handled over the years. Consider the outcome for those cases, too. 

Unintentional injuries take the lives of 3.16 million people worldwide every year. If someone died as a result of the accident, look for a wrongful death attorney.

Try to find someone who specializes in handling cases like yours as you search for Watertown attorneys. 

Don’t forget to ask each lawyer about their courtroom experience, too. Some lawyers prefer avoiding a courtroom. These lawyers might not fight with your best interests in mind.

In fact, they might accept a lowball settlement offer to avoid going to court.

Instead, look for someone capable of handling themselves in front of a judge and jury. 

3. Check Their Success Rate

It’s not enough to find a lawyer with experience relevant to your needs, though. You’ll also want to make sure they’re capable of winning your case. A lawyer with a strong success rate will accomplish your goals.

They’ll help you fight for the compensation you need to cover your losses. 

Consider how many cases similar to yours they’ve handled during their time as a lawyer. How many of those cases did they win versus lose?

Then, ask about the cases each lawyer has handled recently. What was the outcome for each case? Ask about the legal strategy they used, too. 

You might notice the lawyer has improved over time. If that’s the case, great! If the lawyer has a weak success rate, however, scratch them off your list.

Otherwise, they might make the same mistakes when trying your case. 

4. Read Reviews 

Before choosing an accident attorney in Watertown, WI, learn from the people who were once in your shoes. Read reviews from clients who hired the lawyers on your list. Try to read a handful of reviews for each lawyer.

You can also ask the attorneys if they can provide references. You can speak with some of their clients to learn more from their experiences.

Choose a lawyer who already has a strong reputation as an attorney. You’ll have peace of mind choosing a lawyer others have trusted in the past. 

5. Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation appointment with two or three Watertown attorneys from your list. Discuss the specifics of your case. Then, ask the lawyer how they’d handle your lawsuit.

If they can’t determine a course of action for your case, hire someone else. A lawyer with an analytical mindset will know how to think on their feet. 

For example, they should review records relevant to your case to get the most from your injury.

Ask what outcome they anticipate, too. They shouldn’t give you a guarantee. Instead, your lawyer should help you review your legal options moving forward. 

6. How Does the lawyer 

Get Paid ?

Look for an attorney that will represent you under a contingent agreement. You won’t pay a fee or have to worry about expenses unless they win your case.


Want to discuss the specifics of your case with the best lawyers in Watertown? We’re here for you.

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