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I got a ticket while riding my motorcycle! Should I see a lawyer?

motorcyclist driving too fast before getting a ticketRiding your motorcycle should be about enjoying the open road, sunshine, and your time on two wheels. You’ve been waiting forever for the cold weather to abate so you can ride. However, when a motorcycle cruise turns into a traffic stop and a traffic ticket, suddenly your day—and your life—can take a sudden turn in the way of a suspended (or revoked) license, increase in insurance premiums, and even the threat of your livelihood.

If you’re like 90% of Americans, you’ll pay the ticket and be automatically convicted of the driving offense.  However, there are situations where hiring a local lawyer may help your case, occupation, driving record, and your insurance premium.

When you require a driver’s license for your job

Any traffic ticket, even a ticket received during casual riding, can impact the status of your commercial license. Depending on the offense, you could lose your commercial license temporarily or permanently (and longer than a driver with a regular license without a CDL).

The consequences could be just as serious if driving is part of your job description. If that is the case, contact an experienced lawyer to determine your options and whether it is possible to emerge from this legal situation with a clean driving record and CDL.

When you’ve had other recent tickets

In certain instances, receiving many tickets (on the motorcycle and off) in a short period of time can result in a loss of license. Whether the license is lost depends on whether your license is a probationary or regular license, or if your license includes a CDL. The circumstances dictate your options. Sometimes you can enroll in a traffic safety course through the local Department of Motor Vehicle to earn back points. Some drivers are eligible to obtain an occupational license for required driving (i.e. back and forth to work, to the grocery store, etc.) A lawyer may also be able to intervene and come to an agreement that allows you to keep your license (contact a lawyer to get your exact options).

When your ticket is for a DUI/OWI

The consequences of a driving under the influence conviction can be very serious, resulting in a significant increase in insurance premiums, substantial expenses (especially if this is not the first DUI/OWI conviction), and a suspension or loss of driving privileges. The consequences are more serious for DUI/OWI convictions with a .15 blood alcohol content or higher or for subsequent convictions. If you did receive a DUI ticket while riding your motorcycle, consider contacting an attorney to avoid some of the most common DUI mistakes and to achieve a more favorable outcome.

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