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Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in which a person with debt problems can get a fresh start. Once you file, your creditors are legally prevented from taking action to collect on a debt. They cannot call you, bill you, threaten you, sue you, or do anything else to collect from you. They also cannot take property from you through repossession, foreclosure or garnishment. While it is generally a last option to file bankruptcy, if you have debt problems, particularly with credit cards, filing bankruptcy can make a serious positive difference in your life.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves liquidating all of a debtors non-exempt assets and using that money to pay secured and unsecured creditors. It allows an individual to receive a discharge of their pre-petition bankruptcy debt. Often times an individual filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is able to keep substantially all of their assets, including their home, car, and household possessions.

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The attorneys of Neuberger, Griggs, Sweet & Froehle, LLP understand that financial difficulty often is the result of unexpected issues beyond your control, such as loss of employment, medical issues, and a changing economic climate. They will treat you with respect and compassion while helping you to understand the complexities of bankruptcy and how it will affect you. Our attorneys offer experienced and affordable legal representation and will seek to resolve your Chapter 7 bankruptcy as efficiently as possible so that you can close a difficult chapter in your life.

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