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A worker’s compensation claim arises whenever an employee gets hurt on the job. Your employer does not have to make a mistake or act negligently for you to have a claim. You only need to be working at the time you injure yourself. Every Wisconsin employer is required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. The insurance company must pay for your medical expenses and compensate you for any time off work. If you have permanent injuries, they must also compensate for that permanency.

Often, an employee will report their injury to their employer and the insurance company will initially cover medical expenses and time off. However, insurance companies usually require employees to submit to an “independent medical examination,” which often results in discontinued coverage. If you’ve been denied coverage because of an IME or for any other reason, the insurer is unlikely to pay you further unless you apply for a hearing with Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development.

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Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with the difficulties of worker’s compensation cases. Clients are often afraid to make a claim because they fear being fired or not getting their job back once they’re healed. They’re also often frustrated with an IME that denies them coverage for “non-work-related accidents” or “pre-existing conditions.” Our attorneys have dealt with these issues in the past and are prepared to help you get the coverage you deserve.

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