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Should I contact a lawyer for my traffic ticket?

A fast silver sports car speeding down the road getting a speeding ticketYou were driving a little bit too fast and ended up with a speeding ticket.  You got a ticket for a serious moving violation.  You just arrived home with a reckless driving citation.  Whatever traffic ticket you received, now you’re wondering what the next step is in the legal process.  If you’re like 90% of Americans, you’ll pay the ticket and be automatically convicted of the driving offense.  However, there are situations where hiring a local lawyer may help your case, occupation, driving record, and your insurance premium.

If your job is on the line

For truck drivers, or other workers that need a clean driving record, a traffic ticket can be a serious matter with dire repercussions.  Depending on the offense, you could lose your commercial license temporarily or permanently (and longer than a driver with a regular license without a CDL).  The same could go for your job if you need to operate a vehicle as part of your job duties; that’s when it’s time to contact a local lawyer to find out your options and the feasibility of keeping your driving record clean and your CDL for your employment.

If this isn’t your first serious ticket

A series of tickets in a short time can result in loss of your license.  The exact point of suspension depends on whether you have a probationary or regular license, and whether you have a regular license including a Commercial Driver License (CDL).  If you’re facing the possibility of a loss of driving privileges, you can contact the DMV about a traffic safety course (where you can earn back points) or an occupational license that you can use to get back and forth to necessary destinations (i.e. work, grocery store, etc.) Another option is to contact a lawyer to see if there is a possibility you can plead down the demerit points to an amount that allows you to stay on the road.

If it’s a DUI/OWI

Driving under intoxication, commonly called drunk driving, is a very serious offense—and the consequences get more expensive and dire when you receive a ticket for your second or third DUI.  If you did receive a DUI ticket, consider contacting an attorney (we’ve given you specific reasons to contact a lawyer for your drunk driving ticket here).

There are other reasons to contact a lawyer for your traffic ticket: concern about future insurance premiums, for financial reasons, etc.  The outcome of your case is based on numerous factors, including the location and agency you are negotiating with, so it makes sense to contact a local, experienced attorney for your traffic ticket.  When you do, make a list of questions you have about the ticket and your chances of a favorable result (as well as use these tips) to get the most out of your initial consultation and get your case (and hopefully you) on the road to a successful outcome.

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