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7 Tips on Hiring Estate Planning Attorneys in Lake Mills

Only 32.9% of adults have a will as of 2021. One of the main reasons why people do not have a will is that they do not know how to start the process. A simple step you can take to start estate planning is Googling “hiring estate planning attorneys near me.”

Do you want help finding the best Lake Mills attorneys? Keep reading these top seven tips for hiring estate planning lawyers and get started with the process today!

1. Find a Local Attorney Near Me

One of the first things you should do when you are looking for help with your estate planning is find local attorneys to help. 

Hiring a local lawyer makes it much more convenient to work with them and get your estate in order. If you are meeting with a lawyer that lives a few hours away, you will not be able to meet together as regularly. 

To begin your search for the best estate planning attorney, you can make a list of local attorneys and begin researching each of their companies.

2. Start Comparing Attorney Costs

Next, after you google “estate attorney near me,” you need to start comparing attorney costs. Each different lawyer may have different ways that they are compensated and will charge different fees. 

While you don’t want to choose the cheapest attorney, as this can result in lower-quality work, you need to make sure your attorney fits your budget. 

You can ask your local attorneys whether they charge their clients by the hour or if they have flat fees. This way, you can be prepared financially for your attorney services.

3. Schedule Attorney Consultations 

To learn more about different attorneys in your area, you can schedule several attorney consultations with different companies. These consultations are generally free and allow you to discuss your needs and the services that you may need from your attorney. 

During the consultation, it is also beneficial to learn more about the estate planning process so you know what to expect. Will you be working with a single attorney or a team of people? How long will the process take? 

Finally, you can use the consultation to ask any other questions that you have about estate planning and to get more advice about how you should proceed. 

Having these consultations will help you find an attorney that you are comfortable with and will ensure you have as much help as you need during the process. 

4. Learn More About Education & Credentials

Something else you should learn about your attorney is where they received their education and what other credentials they have. This information will show you whether or not an attorney is qualified to work with you. 

For example, some law schools are more prestigious and difficult to get accepted to. Finding an attorney that attended a high-quality law school will show that they have high standards and are of higher quality than other attorneys. 

5. Make Sure You Feel Comfortable With Your Attorney

While it is important to find an attorney that is qualified, it is equally important that you find one that you connect with and feel comfortable with. The personality of your estate planner makes a difference, as you will be spending several hours working with them. 

You also need to trust and respect your estate planning attorney. This is because they will help you make several important decisions about your estate, so you need to feel confident in their abilities.

During your consultation, make sure you are at ease with your attorney and that they are not unkind or pushy. 

6. Discuss the Complexities of Your Assets & Will

Another important part of choosing the best lawyer is discussing the complexities of your assets and your will. Some wills are simple and only have a few beneficiaries. 

Others are much more difficult to distribute and require more experienced lawyers. For example, some wills include assets that are high in value or complicated trusts.

These complicated estates may take more resources and experience to distribute to your beneficiaries.

By finding a lawyer that has experience working with complicated estates, you can save time and money as you go through the estate planning process. 

7. Choose an Attorney That Focuses on Estate Planning

Finally, you need to make sure you hire an attorney that focuses on estate planning. While most lawyers say that they offer these services, not all of them practice exclusively in estate planning or have much experience working with clients in estate planning. 

While it is not always necessary to hire a lawyer that only practices estate planning, lawyers that focus in fields are more experienced and are more informed about the changes to the current law. This can prevent you from making mistakes as you create your will. 

Our Lake Mills lawyers that focus in estate planning also are more prepared to help you with the paperwork and will understand the state laws for wills, taxes, trusts, and more. 

Hiring Estate Planning Attorneys?

When you’re hiring estate planning attorneys, you need to make your choice carefully to make sure you are taken care of. Following these tips will help you find a qualified attorney to work with. 

Have you been searching online for “Lake Mills lawyers near me” or “Personal injury near me?” Neuberger, Griggs, Sweet & Froehle, LLP can help! Our Lake Mills attorneys have helped customers for over 99 years. We can help you find an estate planning attorney to create your will.

Contact us today for a consultation with our estate planning attorneys!

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