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Hit by a Car? What to Do if You’re Injured

For pedestrians and drivers, being hit by a car comes with injuries and serious consequences. As wonderful as cars are, those thousands of pounds of metal can lead to substantial property damage and medical bills. The time after a car accident with these serious consequences can be incredibly traumatizing and expensive. That’s why we’ve put together a list of steps to take after being hit by a car.

Be safe

An accident scene can be chaotic. If it is possible—without injuring yourself or endangering others—don’t move after an accident. For pedestrians, this advice can also be helpful in preventing any further injuries and can also prove that the pedestrian was crossing in a safe manner. Never leave the scene of the accident, which can incur serious legal consequences.

Keep statements to a minimum

After an accident, there are so many emotions and thoughts running through everyone’s heads. Even small statements, like “I shouldn’t have been crossing,” “I’m not hurt,” or “I’m so sorry” can be misconstrued and brought up later.

Contact the police

Any incident between a car and a pedestrian—or any vehicle hit by a car—is a serious matter that should involve the police. After being hit by a car, one or all parties involved should call the police.

Seek medical assistance for any injuries

The injuries from being hit by a car are not always clear after the accident. Those injuries caused by being hit by a car may include (but are not limited to):

  • Fractures,
  • Whiplash,
  • Head injuries,
  • Wounds,
  • Internal injuries

Often, symptoms of injuries from being hit by a car may not show up immediately and may take time to appear. For this reason, pedestrians and drivers should always get medical care as soon as they suspect any issues.

Keep all paperwork (for possibly months and years)

Being hit by a car comes with a lot of paperwork, such as police reports, insurance paperwork, and medical bills. While it may seem inconvenient to do so, pedestrians and drivers should collect and store all those documents for future reference. Even receipts for medications can be helpful when seeking compensation for injuries after being hit by a car. In addition to medical bills, pedestrians can also receive compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering. (Talk to a personal injury lawyer for more information about compensation after being hit by a car.)

Wait to talk to the insurance company

Just as statements at the scene of a car accident can be misconstrued, so can statements made to the insurance company. Some insurance companies also may make low-ball offers that don’t completely cover all the expenses incurred from being hit by a car. Instead, if there are significant expenses, consult a personal injury lawyer before talking to the insurance company. An experienced personal injury lawyer can give you advice on how to proceed to receive fair compensation.

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