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Documents You Want Drafted by an Attorney

Estate planning worksheet for writing a willThis is the information age. Resources are available at our fingertips, including legal documents. Type in the name of any legal document and—presto!—a million templates fill the screen for you to download. As tempting as using those legal document templates might be, there are times when contacting an attorney and utilizing their services can benefit and protect your interests.

Power of Attorney for Finance and Property

A Power of Attorney authorizes another party (or parties) to make decision on behalf of another person (related or non-related). When a person cannot make legal and financial decisions, the Power of Attorney for Finance and Property designates another person for those decisions. This document is not a one-size-fits-all, but rather can be customized as broad or as narrowly as the person wishes. Because the document is customized to the individual’s situation, contact a lawyer to ensure that the appropriate assets and wishes are included and details drafted pursuant to exact wishes.  

Rental agreement

A rental agreement should be updated and specific to state and local regulations, protects the rights of the landlord and the tenant, doesn’t include prohibited terms, and doesn’t place any additional and unnecessary obligations on the landlord’s shoulders. Online rental agreements are generically drafted and can include terms that may not be legal in all areas or are in line with local legal regulations.

Offer to Purchase

Purchasing a property can be one of the largest investments in an individual’s life; when it’s between family members, the purchase can be an even more complicated transaction. A verbal agreement can also cause later drama between the parties. Contact a real estate lawyer can ensure that all the paperwork is in order so there are no legal problems in the future—all without the cost of an agent commission.

Estate Planning

Every estate planning document should be drafted to the individual’s situation and in line with state regulations. No online document or template is going to fit both of those criteria. Contact a lawyer for professionally drafted documents customized to the specific situation and legally binding when needed. Utilize this list to expedite the estate planning process and obtain the estate planning documents appropriate for your situation.

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