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How do I get a Power of Attorney done?

Girl, her mother and grandmother sitting by table and looking at cameraA properly executed Power of Attorney can feel invaluable during difficult times, both for the party and their family. A durable Power of Attorney can make difficult decisions easier and make the path through those times feel smooth. If you’re in the dark about where to start with a Power of Attorney, though, the path to getting a Power of Attorney done can seem anything but smooth.

The smoothest way to find out how to get a durable Power of Attorney done is to visit a local experienced lawyer. Because every family and situation are unique, a lawyer can offer advice customized to your specific situation. Before you reach out, however, it’s helpful to learn the basics of a Power of Attorney you can use as you work through the process.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney authorizes another party (or parties) to make decision on behalf of another person. That person can be related or non-related. There are two types of Power of Attorney that can be drafted and executed. A Power of Attorney can be executed at any time, as long as the person understands the documents they are signing.

What Power of Attorney is applicable to legal and financial matters?

When a person cannot make legal and financial decisions, the Power of Attorney for Finance and Property designates another person for those decisions. This document is not a one-size-fits-all, but rather can be customized as broad or as narrowly as the person wishes.

What Power of Attorney is applicable to health care decisions?

This Power of Attorney document, appropriately named the Declaration to Physicians, states any preferences the party may have regarding treatment or any life-saving measures they would like taken (or not taken) in the event of a medical emergency. The Power of Attorney designates a party to make decisions in those situations.  A Declaration to Physician document is useful in situations where the party is in a deteriorating mental state, permanent vegetative state, unconscious, or in a coma.

How can I get a Power of Attorney executed?

The path to a properly executed Power of Attorney starts with scheduling an appointment with a lawyer. Though a lawyer is not required for the process, an experienced lawyer can assist with drafting and executing concise and thorough legal documents specific to the situation.

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